We are Sharon and Allison, a mother/daughter team and the owners of WillowBendGiftsCo. We offer unique handmade essential oil bags, wraps, inserts, hand sanitizer holders, and other essential oil accessories. We use a variety of fabrics and linings from casual to more formal to create essential oil accessories to appeal to everyone! Click the link below to shop on my site.

Our 10 pocket oil bags can hold a variety of standard sized bottles. There is extra space in the center of the bag for a removable two or three bottle insert. Perfect for "on the go" lifestyles!

Stop by our shop and choose from our hand crafted, lined, and padded bags that include one removable insert or choose from our bags that include 3 sewn in pockets customized for all sized bottles!

WillowBendGiftsCo has unique handmade padded essential oil bags, wraps, inserts, hand sanitizer holders that include an empty 1.69 oz. bottle, and other accessories to meet your oil needs.  

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