I take gems and wash them with the intention that they are cleansed and hold the highest benefit for the person who wears it. I then place them in the sunlight to charge them. I then finish by diffusing Young Living Essential Oils over them usually Harmony and Joy! When I have finished creating each piece, I receive its name, or oil that resonates.

Here is a close up of the hand blown Tinkerbells Gems Bottles to hold your essential oil. With chrome or gold lids over brass with orifice reducer. These are on special 10$ off each one.

All materials hold high frequencies. Findings in sterling or vermeil. Gem bottles on chains in gold or sterling over sterling or copper on left. Lariots on cords with gems on sterling on the right.

Earthling Tools diffusing line: Striving to create something different I use better quality gems and unique pieces. Here are some of the many gem, wood, and sterling bracelets for women and men.

Earthing Tools line: This is an example of a river rock on a copper chain, shown with a lava bracelet featuring carved black jade and labrodorite.

Earthing Tools line: Earings made with river rocks from USA and polynesia and gems on Sterling or Copper.

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