Texas Girl Treasures makes unique diffuser pieces with high quality gemstones that are one-of-a-kind.  The diffuser beads in each piece can hold your favorite essential oils for 8-10 hours.  The fragrance will dissipate and you can reapply a different oil to the same bead. The style of the pieces that are all handmade by me, have a carefree and timeless style that will fit in easily for everyday wear.

Texas Girl Treasures is excited to be attending our 6th AromaSharing event. 

I have been making jewelry for 15+ years and use several techniques including wire wrapping and electroforming in my pieces.

Necklaces that are 18” have the diffuser bead located in the front. 

There is a 2”-3” extender located on the back to the necklace for adjusting the length. 

The wrapping is in copper or Sterling and the chains are stainless steel or copper.

I make adjustable bracelets, stretch bracelets and leather bracelets that all have beautiful gemstones and a diffuser bead.  

I integrate the bead into the design so it is “hidden” to those who are not looking for it. Form and function.

Gemstone roller bottles are all made through a process of electroforming. 

Each bottle can hold 2ml of your favorite essential oil or blend. 

There is also a diffuser bead located on the nape of the neck where you can apply the oil.

Earrings are a fantastic way to wear your essential oils since they have movement so close to your face. 

The oil has the potential to last longer on the earrings since the diffuser bead isn’t laying directly on your skin.

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