Allie Phillips is a former prosecutor, internationally recognized animal protection legal expert, award-winning book author, and Founder/CEO of an animal-related nonprofit. She is also an Advanced Crystal Master Teacher, Master Teacher energy healer, Health coach, and has been invited by Young Living to speak on essential oils for pets.

Do love pets, crystals and essential oils? Curious how to safely use essential oils with your pet family and to safely blend crystals with essential oils? Enhance your confidence with the book bundle!

The Oily Pet was written by an animal protection attorney and will help you understand how/when/where to safely use oils with cats and dogs. You can teach a class from the book or offer it as a gift!

Essential oils and crystal are natural partners, but not all crystals are safe to blend in oils. Written by an Advanced Crystal Master learn how crystals work with oils, safe blending, recipes & more.

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