My name is Lei Ann Nichols. I created the "I Have An Oil For That" board game as a fun way to learn about essential oils. It can be played by 2 to 6 players ages 10 (sometimes younger) and up. It's a perfectly compliant way to build knowledge, confidence and relationships.

Box Contents: game board, spinner, dice, help cards, problem cards. avatar pieces, heart tokens and instructions (not shown). Video demo and photos on the website.

Object: As you move through the game you'll encounter problems, some physical, some emotional but don't worry-"I have an oil for that!"

Use Help Cards to eliminate yours and other players' problems. Help others with their problems to get a heart token. The game ends when everyone is problem free. Winner=player with most heart tokens.

My team loves: "Oily Girls Game Night" and "Ladies Day Out with Fun and Games!" It's not only a fun social event but we always learn, experience and/or smell something new. Kids can come and play too!

Kids love to play this game! It's a great way to get them started learning about the benefits of essential oils, plus it puts them on the path of helping others.

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