Use essential oils anywhere with a personal aromatherapy Füm™ inhaler. Directly get the benefits of essential oils for aiding in quitting smoking/vaping, emotional support, and more! 
Each Füm™ is crafted in Canada with 100% Canadian Maple Wood.
Use Cores infused with specialty essential oil blends OR get Blank Cores and create your own blends!

Füm is personal Aromatherapy anywhere. Breathe in through the mouthpiece and out your nose. 

Receptors in the olfactory will quickly absorb the benefits of the essential oils in their natural state. 

Use for:
- immunity support
- easing seasonal allergies
- respiratory support
- quitting smoking & vaping
- mood balancing 
- easing stress
- improving focus

- No smoke, no vapor
- Passive aromatherapy with essential oils in their natural state
Quickly delivers benefits within minutes 
- Personal, portable aromatherapy tool

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