Aroma Yoga™ is for everyone! My name is Tracy Griffiths and I am a holistic healing arts practitioner, instructor and the creator of Aroma Yoga™. My mission is to make a positive contribution to the world so that people can be armed with the knowledge and education for true wellness and health. SInce 1999, I had been using Young Living Essential Oils in my healing arts and so using them in yoga was a natural evolution.When I began sharing Young Living Essential Oils in yoga classes, people would tell me they were calmer, more focused and happier. I could see that they were more open and present by simply sharing just a drop or two! 

Aroma Yoga™ is the pairing of specific essential oils with the chakra system and energy exercises that are simple, gentle and easy to do. We have online and in-person classes, workshops and retreats for wellness, transformation, education and self-care. We are a growing global community. So we have classes, books and teacher training in Japanese, Hungarian, German, French and Spanish.

Watch this short informational talk with Aroma Yoga creator Tracy Griffiths and Coach Ashley of Get Oiling.
If you have the desire to learn how to create healing and transformation space for others then you are in the right place! 
Become a Certified Aroma Yoga™ Instructor and share Young Living with others in a fun and inspirational way. 
You don't have to be a yoga teacher to participate in this training.
If you are a yoga teacher, this training is approved for 40 hours of continuing education for Yoga Alliance.

Aroma Yoga™ is a step-by-step guide that helps you easily integrate aromatherapy into your yoga routine and your life. This is a simple, straightforward introduction to essential oils and the many benefits of aromatherapy, and features specific oils for various asanas and energy exercises.

Feel empowered to create greater well-being for yourself in any situation!
This is not your typical yoga workout video, yet a transformational process to release stress, tension and discomfort while supporting you to come back to your true self.
Aroma Yoga™ is a mighty blend of conscious movement, breathing, mediations and Young Living Essential Oils.
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