Find industry-leading personal wellness and business building tools in the iTOVi Scanner and iTOVi DNA! Use code AromaSharing22 to take advantage of this year’s event pricing!

Hello! We’re iTOVi and welcome to our storefront! We offer tools for 1) personal wellness and 2) business building for our wonderful customers in the essential oil industry. We provide science-based technologies, such as GSR scans and DNA analysis, to help our customers find their optimal wellness products and routines. Thanks for stopping by!

iTOVi Scan Reports are changing the lives of wellness seekers and wellness business-builders across the world! Use code AromaSharing22 to take advantage of this year’s event pricing!
The iTOVi Scanner is a GSR device that tests an individual’s response to essential oil products, Take your wellness and your essential oil business to the next level. Use code AromaSharing22 for awesome discounts!

iTOVi DNA analyzes your DNA for genes relating to weight loss, stress management, skin health, nutrition, etc., and then makes wellness product recommendations tailored to your genetics!

The iTOVi Cases are the perfect companion for any iTOVi user, allowing you to carry your scanner and your favorite oils with you, safely and securely, wherever you go!

iTOVi silicone sleeves protect your scanner from fall, bumps, water, electricity, and smudges! These custom-made sleeves are perfect for those who want to make their scanner last!

iTOVi skins are cut to perfection for your iTOVi Scanner, lending a splash of color and style to your Scanner and catching the eye of potential clients!

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