Hi, We're Joshua & Charise, owners of We Got Salt. We've been selling authentic Himalayan salt lamps & products since 2013. Our salt is the purest salt on earth & comes from the western foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. In 2019, we expanded & added a genuine Brazilian gemstone lamp line. We always offer unique ambiance lighting...

We offer a full line of Himalayan salt lamps ranging from 3# to 300#. Natural cut lamps, carved lamps, foot/hand domes, abundance bowls & feng shui style. Colors vary orange/pink to white to dark red.

Looking for a detox bath or edible healthy salt? We offer different grades of both. From shaker salt to black salt in grinders to on-the-go packets. And spa items like energy balls & massage stones.

Gemstone lamps & essential oils come together & beautifully blend their energies. You can achieve spiritual & healing states by having a gemstone lamp on while you are diffusing or applying your oils.

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