Vivid Natural is a small family company run by two sisters. The idea for ecological pillows and yoga products came to our heads in 2017. Synthetic world and mass production of everything didn’t align with our world view. We decided to look for the answers and inspiration in nature. We wanted to raise our kids surrounded with natural, sustainable and not harmful products. That’s how we created first pillows and started exploring wonderful properties of natural products.

Small, perfectly adapt to the shape of your body, supporting neck or head. Excellent choice for travelers! Filled with buckwheat hulls and dry lavender flowers. You can also use it as a cold pad! ( Before placing in the freezer put it in the ziploc or plastic bag)

Breath, pause, let go…. A Yoga Bolster for meditation, exercise (spine support) and relaxation. Helps release lower back tension. It’s hand made with 100% cotton cover and buckwheat hulls, which makes it completly ecological and zero waste ! Safe for the environment and the user!

The BEST PILLOW EVER Treat yourself! You deserve it! 100% cotton, filled with buckwheat hulls, dry lavender flowers and crushed amber. All in ONE pillow. ● Because of the buckwheat hulls pillow will adjust to your head and neck shape ● Lavender supports deep relaxation and deeper sleep ● Amber will protect you from the effects of electromagnetic fields and brings mental balance

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