I am Terza Ekholm, contemporary mixed media artist.  I am inspired by nature and healthy living.  When I saw photos of the beautiful Young Living farms around the world, I knew I had to create wearable art to express how I felt.  What a gift you have for the world.  I am honored to be a part of the Seed to Seal® story and invite you to share the joy by wearing this art.

Sunshine, joy and a bee accentuated by a graphic heart came together to form the foundation of The I (heart) Helichrysum Collection.  May it bring a smile to your face.

Anyone who has ever smelled ylang ylang will always remember it.  Especially when it was accompanied by a romantic walk along the beach during a moonlit night.  The Romantic Memories Ylang Ylang Collection

Lavender makes this bee happy!  Me, too!  The scent brings up memories of fresh laundry and visits to grandma’s house.  Happy times of my sister and I playing in the nearby park.  The Lavender Makes Me Happy Collection

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