Sparkle Dust is a non-toxic, chemical-free, mineral tooth cleansing powder that instantly brightens, strengthens and re-mineralizes teeth and gums.  It will leave your teeth feeling cleaner, smoother and brighter than ever before! Use Sparkle Dust with your favorite Vitality Oil or Essential Oil Toothpaste. 

Sparkle Dust is great for the whole family! We are not kidding when we say it feels like you just left the dentist and you have that smooth polished feel. Use with your fav toothpaste and/or E.O.

Just apply your toothpaste, dip it in the Dust, tap off the extra and brush as normal! You can even add your fav E.O to the jar or to your toothbrush!

After Divine intervention, Amy Cassels was given a clear vision of the exact Sparkle Dust recipe when her 3rd baby was just 6 weeks old. Amy is a master DIY-er with a background in holistic health.

Kids love the gentle scrubbing power of Sparkle Dust. While toddlers don't really NEED Sparkle Dust, older kids sure do benefit since they never seem to brush well. Sparkle Dust is non-abrasive.

Meet Tray and Amy Cassels, the Sparkle Dust couple! We sure miss seeing everyone at convention this year!

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