My name is Sarah, and I went from living in the projects to Diamond! I’m committed to helping every person who wants to rank using TOOLS! I’ve got a new book out with 25 oils classes in one place. Product education = OGV growth. It’s time to get your team excited! Gary Young said when we’re excited, we rank. It’s RANK UP TIME! 

Aromatherapy in one place! The NEW Scriptbook features 25 classes: CBD, Bible, Raindrop, Feelings, Gut, Supplements, Enzymes, Hormones, Animals, Diffusers, Men, NeuroAuricular, Blending, & Gary Young! 

This book is critical to bring the Scriptbook to life! Features 10 exercises per script: actions steps, DIY’s, and bonus training to get your product lovers USING the products mentioned in the class. 

25 classes; 1 place! The Teacher’s Ed has larger font, lays flat, & has color dividers between each script. Content is the same as the book. Get the Oiler Edition to write in & this one to teach from!

The first mini that markets YOU! The Table of Contents lists all Scriptbook 25 classes. Each chapter features 4 things from each script: key points, a heart message, what to order and action steps!

Can’t get people to come to classes? Author Sarah Harnisch did thousands of interviews and asked how leaders got people to show up. Their answers are compiled in this powerful book and workbook set!

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