For 6 years, we have been making adorable diffuser toys for families.
We have expanded from our classic AromaLove Bears to include so many others...
Best of all, they are machine wash and dry for easy home care!
Our toys are handmade in our home studio, and 100% Guaranteed.
Check out our store to see ALL the toys available, or choose a custom slot!

5 years ago we needed a diffuser for our oldest daughter in a hospital setting.
AromaLove Bears was born that day.
Now in 20+ countries and over 1000 toys later, we have many to choose from!
Come See!

With 3 sweet girls, Unicorn Diffusers just had to be included.
We now offer Full Size and Baby Unicorns in our Shoppe,
 of all different hair colors and combinations!
We also have custom slots available!

So many ideas, so little time.
Our Shoppe has expanded to this list, with many more in the making! 
All of the listed Items will be fully stocked and available for this vendor event!
Grab yours now!

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