We're Minty Mom Essentials, and we're super excited for our second year at AromaSharing!
In our shop, you'll see reclaimed cedar shelving, buttery-smooth pine capsule stations, super-soft relaxed tees, gorgeous glass bottles, vinyl labels and waterproof stickers. Everything you need to store and display your precious oils 🌱

Capsule Stations: Need help filling those capsules without spilling your precious oils all over the counter? This filling station is raw, reclaimed cedar. Sanded buttery smooth. Choice of two designs, made to fit 00 capsules.

Cedar shelving: Hand-made wooden shelves for your essential oils, rollers and other treasures. These are raw wood, so you can paint/stain to your preference, and some lovely gnarling and knots are to be expected. Multiple sizes available.

Glow Serum bottles: Even the bottles glow! Store and display your precious Glow Serum. Create your own custom bottle by choosing the bottle color (clear, amber, black, white) and label color (gold, silver, white, black). Thousands sold!

Want hand soap bottles for every room with a sink? I got you! These waterproof stickers will look gorgeous in your kitchen and bathrooms. Choose from Hand Soap or Dish Soap. Grab your foaming pump bottles on Amazon and you’re all set!

This super-soft, loose-fit, dolman tee will help you shout your NLBS or PLANT obsession from the rooftops. Unbelievably soft tri-blend fabric makes it extremely comfortable. Matching waterproof stickers available too!

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