How do you keep your life and your business organized?  Post It Notes?  Is your refrigerator your office calendar? We searched for the perfect planner that met all our needs for years.  When we couldn’t find one that included everything we wanted we designed Living Your Dream.  The Living Your Dream life and business planner is the perfect way to keep all of your appointments together, plan and track your business growth, know exactly what you need to order for Subscribe To Save each month, and carry it with you throughout your busy day.  

We have four options available this year for the Living Your Dream Planner.
July – December 2021 PDF download for printing.
January – December 2022 PDF download for printing.
2021 six month and 2022 twelve month bundle PDF download for printing.
2022 printed copy.

This is the first page of a two page weekly calendar.  At the top we have left space for you to customize for your needs.  Ideas are keeping up with monthly bills, recording classes you would like to hold, project thoughts, or other ideas that pop in your head for building your business. Each day has a To Do List, and appointment schedules.  We show the monthly calendar and the next month’s calendar for you to quickly see dates outside of that week.  And we have provided an area for you to track you Leg OGV weekly so you can quickly see where you are in meeting your goal for the month.  

A Ranking Up Plan page is included in each monthly section.  See where you are, where you need to be, and come up with your plan to get there.  The bottom of the page includes a monthly tracker to keep up with your OGV, customers and brand partners, number on Subscribe to Save, number of classes, events, and one on one discussions you held, and your monthly paycheck. 

I scribbled the things I needed to order each month on post it notes or scrap pieces of paper and then never knew where they were when I updated my order.  The Subscribe to Save page has areas for you to record Oils, Household Items, Supplements, Personal Care, Monthly Promos, and an Other section for you to use as you wish.  When you place your order you have everything at your fingertips to ensure you place your order correctly.

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