I'm a Minnesotan mom & wife, a middle school English teacher by day, & a jewelry making creative by night. I’ve been making jewelry for over 20 years, mostly earthy, subdued designs using metal, wood, and stone. I also offer a range of reasonably priced stainless-steel diffuser jewelry to give families an easy way to use their oils!

Earrings: Find beautiful handmade earrings here, both diffusing and gemstone styles. I work primarily with antique brass and stone, wood, and gemstone. Sometimes I’ll add leather, lava beads, or cork! 

Necklaces: Find beautiful handmade necklaces here AND a wide variety of stainless-steel diffuser lockets & tubes. All stainless-steel diffuser necklaces are ON SALE during AromaSharing!

Bracelets: Find unique handmade bracelets here AND a wide variety of silicone slap bracelets with stainless-steel lockets, perfect for kids! All slap bracelets are ON SALE during AromaSharing!

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