Anxiety can be more than just that. What if it were a lot of little things?  What if you had no idea food or your environment could be affecting your mental health? What if you knew how to get to the root cause of the problem? Hear our Young Living story with what Aromatherapy did for us and what little lifestyle changes we made over time.
You won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your business, this is the tool to do so. Go to and purchase yours today. It's incredible and spot on when helping your members or potential members understand just how important it is getting to the root cause of the problem.
After doing hundreds of these I got tired of looking up each stressor and it looked very unprofessional. So a few years ago I created a time saving guide for Balance 5.0. 
You will absolutely love it. This is Young Living driven but any other company can use this as well.

This document is a must have. Not only does it have quick references to understand Meridians, Chakras, 0 dr’s etc, but a way to keep your clients on a 3 month plan. I also give templates, how I rent my Zyto to my team, my rental agreement, a consent form for your clients, how to scan pets, what are Teeth and Vertebrae vectors. Plus MANY other important tips all at your fingertips!
You can print these and make them your own. You can add anything you want to them.
This is Young Living driven but any other company could use this as well.
You will absolutely love this

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