Jamie Schwegel is an Occupational Therapy Assistant, AFT practitioner, an Oola Life Coach, & public speaker who infuses wellness & mindset techniques helping others to their true self inner strength. She infuses AFT, Affirmations, Meditation, Crystals & Chakra Support in the Flying Freeā„¢ Branded products she's created. Flying Free = Transformation!

Adult Deck: 77 Cards blending AFT, Essential Oils, Meditation, Affirmations & Chakra Balance connecting Mind, Body & Soul. 11 affirmations for each chakra + movement card (yoga poses) + 16 pg. manual.

Child Deck: 49 Cards=AFT, EO's, Meditation, Affirmations,Chakra Balance connecting Mind, Body & Soul. Shorter affirmations vs. Adult deck. Spirit animal/chakra connection on each card + 16 pg. manual.

Journal=91 day, blends Affirmations, EO's, Meditation & Chakra/Connection to connect to mind,body&soul.
Chakra Guide =deeper look how chakras connect to the Human Body. Tips on how to host workshops.

Awaken To Your Purpose Online Courses!   
Mindfulness Basics=Create your own daily mindfulness practice with 10 mins a day! 
Chakra Basics=7 basic chakras(who,what,where) & key roles in the human body.

NEED help finding BALANCE/PURPOSE & are stuck? As a Life Coach(Oola)+AFT Mentor 
I have: 
3&10 wk 1:1 Oola coaching options 
1 yr+ Digitally customized/self paced option(BEST DEAL+low mos cost)

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