Inspired by wellness...we invite you to join our growing community of high vibers, wellness lovers, zen dreamers, and sweat seekers! Live inspired with our patent pending aroma-wellness jewelry.  All For Zen enhances your lifestyle through functional + intentional collections. 
  • Natural Element 
  • Up-cycled fabric 
  • Aroma-wellness friendly
  • Sweat tested
  • Yoga + active lifestyle approved

The most comfortable bracelets you’ll ever wear! The Zen Wrap and Re Wrap bracelets are made of the most cozy fabric packed with extended diffusing POWER! One size fits all. Machine washable. 

Packed with stylish diffusing power, our beaded bracelets are an eco conscious natural element alternative to the lava bead.

Whether fun and sassy, or motivational and moving, your daily mantra just got a lot more stylish.  The EO Karma Cuff boasts meaningful motivation and a diffusing option.   The Karma Cuff is blasted full of fun essential oil exclusive sayings.

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