Feel comfortable giving Raindrop and confidently adapt your Raindrop to fit your Receiver's current needs.  Learn more about using this flexible technique to support the total wellness of your family and clients.  Browse our books, online programs and educational memberships.  The growing Place for Raindrop Resources!

Learn best practices & get golden nuggets from other Raindroppers.  Go further into your Raindrop education, offer more support to family and clients.  24/7 access to 60+ videos with one added weekly.

You learned Raindrop but have questions.  Where do you go?  Now you have this book to be your resource!  Learn from my 16 yrs of experience and feel confident giving Raindrop to your family & friends.

You love giving Raindrop, but each time you do, your back hurts!  In one weekend, learn HOW to stand and move at a massage table the right way.  Now you can give more Raindrops and do a better job!

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