Doctor Oil / BioCode Academy
Books, DVDs, Online Videos, Bootcamp

Sparkle Dust
Chemical-free, brightening mineral tooth polish 
A Dash of Kinship
Wood/Cork Diffusers
& More

Carrier Stick / Oils on Earth
Carrier Stick
Carrier Stick Mini

High quality diffuser repair parts

Essential Ink
Aromatherapy Pens, Pop-Locket Phone Grips

Scanners, skins, cases, apparel, dna tests
Magnolia Blue
Accessories,  macramé, diffusers, crystals

Minnesola Designs
Wood Flower Diffusers

She Speaks Oily Labels
labels for oil bottles & other surfaces

Pillows, cushions, yoga bolsters and zafu pillows. Filled with organic buckwheat hulls & handmade!
We Got Salt LLC
Himalayan Salt Lamps & Products