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These emails (they are really blogs!) will keep you up to date on the happenings in AromaSharing for the day.

πŸ’₯ONLY 3 MORE DAYS TO SHOP!πŸ’₯  We close at 6:00PM Central on Wednesday!

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Join us on the Main Stage for live presentations and replays by our Vendors.
Today's Speakers
Kathaleen & SandraAromaSharing Vendors Show9:00 AM
iTOViiTOVi12:00 PM
Tiffany EwingMakeup Mastery 12:30 PM
Coach AshleyGetOiling2:00 PM

Sandra Bologina Oils & Frequency: Series 66:00 PM
High Vibes TeamHealy7:00 PM

πŸ‘€ Look for vendors with a Live Zoom Room! They would love your visit! 

πŸŽ‰ Be sure to play Aroma Bingo for a chance to win amazing prizes!  See winners at the bottom of the Play Aroma Bingo tab in the website!

βœ… Our Main Stage speakers live stream to our Facebook PAGE. This page is public so can be watched and shared with anyone!  The replay videos are available there also!!

The AromaSharing Online Website is www.aromasharingonline.com and will be open for shopping June 9 at 9:00am CDT to June 16 at 6:00pm CDT.   
We appreciate  our shopper so much!!  Thank you for inviting your friends, family and team members to our event and the FB group!  Happy Shopping!!

The AromaSharing Team


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