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Native Andes-(Jaime Chavez) 
I am Jaime Chavez with Native Andes.  I am from Ecuador and have had a business in native fabric blankets and bags for 20 years.   When I started using oils, there were not many options to use to carry your oils in, so I incorporated native Andes fabrics into essential oils bags!
Products include:
~30 Bottle Zippered Essential Oil Bag – 6.5” wide, 7.5” long, 3” high.  Zipper and top handle. Capacity: 30, 5-15 ml essential oil bottles. 
~8 Bottle Small Zippered Essential Oil Pouch – 1.5” wide, 6” long, 4.5” high. 4 holders on each side for 5-15 ml essential oil bottles, room in the middle for extra items. 
~Essential Oil Wallet with 15 pockets for Mini Travel Size bottles- 6” long, 4” high with 15 elastic bands to hold ½ inch bottles. The wallet has Velcro closures on all sides and all items have a lining made of cotton and wool, outer fabric is 100% hand woven wool.  Shop here for your Native Andies bag!  

High Vibes Team-Healy-
(Rev Lindsay Babich, Darlene de la Plata, Sandra Bolognia, Kathaleen May)
      Each of the more than 70 Trillion cells in your body has a frequency for optimal health, like tuning in to a radio station, and the Healy helps you tune your dial back to an optimal frequency that is specific to you. It does this through a quantum sensor which helps the Healy suggest programs and frequencies needed to return cells to optimal homeostasis. Using this along with our amazing essential oils gives our bodies a distinct advantage!  
      Currently Healy delivers over 144,000 plus  frequencies to assist you in the areas of beauty, fitness, sleep, learning, emotional and mental well-being, chakras and meridians. It is compact and wearable.
     The new Healy Coil allows you to use the Healy without wristbands and wires for most applications giving you freedom and ease of use like never before!  Healy-Bringing the  future of energetic medicine to the present moment.  
     Buy a Healy from us by June 25 and be entered to win a Healy coil. ($225 value!). Shop Here!  

Vivid Naturals-(Joanna Czakon Kalina)
Vivid Natural is all about relax and your comfort.

We are using Mother's Nature gifts to create our carbon neutral, ecological products filled with buckwheat hulls and dry lavender flowers.  We offer, pillows, yoga bolsters, and more!

Help save the planet and inhale the lavender Enjoy 5% off your next order with the coupon code: "aromasharing".   Just enter code at checkout !   Shop at my AromaSharing Store!

Bella Vitality-(Tina Serra)

ZYTO Insights *NEW

No hardware needed. Scan remotely. Insights measures an individual's response to various digital signatures which represent actual items. 

These signatures, or Virtual Items, may include stressors such as internal body biomarkers and environmental factors, as well as balancers such as supplements, essential oils, and foods.

For more information, come Visit My AromaSharing Store.


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