Today is opening day!!🎉

We will have 4 emails that are exclusive to our 4 sponsors!  They  stayed with us or decided to join with us immediately when we decided to go virtual and we are so thankful for their faith in us and their support!  Our first Sponsor is iTOVi.  They were the ones who initially proposed that we bring on sponsors!  Corinne Harris is the lady in the background coordinating everything and we wanted to do a shout out to her!!  On to our sponsor email!


Hi AromaSharing Shopper!

We’re so excited to be part of the AromaSharing event with Young Living members!

Right now, for this event, you can get a special deal on the iTOVi Scanner, DNA, and Accessories for all attending members!

This sale will run as long as the AromaSharing event does, from June 4 to midnight on June 17th. 

Don’t miss out!

During the AromaSharing event, you can:

  • Get your FIRST MONTH FREE on our Monthly Access Plan: (Just pay $49.99 for your Scanner and get your first month's access FREE!)

  • SAVE $80 on our Lifetime Access Plan: (Only $750 today, with unlimited lifetime access! No monthly fees!)

  • Get access to Lifetime Access+ Plan: ($128.99 today + $79 for 11 months, then you own it forever with no monthly access fees!)


GET FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders (discounted shipping internationally).

To claim this offer, use code: aromasharing2020’ at checkout today!

Add more power to your iTOVi Scan reports with iTOVi DNA. Discover Young Living  product recommendations tailored to you, based on your genetics. Combine that with what the Scanner/Scan report says about you now, and you can build an extremely powerful/informed health plan.

Get EXTRA savings on the iTOVi DNA Kit when you bundle it with a Scanner.

  • Normal pricing for iTOVi DNA is $179, but when you bundle it with an iTOVi Scanner, you get it for just $159!

At checkout, simply select the option to "Yes, include DNA Kit" and the savings will be automatically added.

As part of this Aroma Share event, save an additional 15% off all accessories with code ‘AromaSharing2020’ at checkout. View all iTOVi accessories at



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  1. Hi I love my itovi waiting for my DNA results. Have you gotten yours?

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